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$10/Month will feed 2 children for a weekend!     


They say it takes a village...let's each do our part.


According to the Virginia Dept. of Education, nearly 10,000 students in Loudoun County are food insecure and of these 2/3 are likely ineligible for food stamps and other programs due to income limitations.  Most of these students are eligible to receive free or reduced cost meals at school during the week but they lose this support on the weekend.  These students are hungry for an education, but it is difficult to learn when they are hungry.


The goal of the Backpack Buddies Foundation of Loudoun Inc. (BBFL) is to act as the link between community members who want to help and the hungry children in our schools.  We ensure that all food and sponsorships go directly toward feeding a hungry child.  We offer support to in school programs, stabilize funding, facilitate collaboration, and in the future hope to implement new programs where they have yet to begin.